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As your trusted advisor, Katalyst Group supports international organizations and individuals across the globe in pursuit of being the best they can be. Through real relationship building, Katalyst Group identifies the talent organizations need to build high-performance teams, while individuals receive expert guidance towards career-shaping opportunities.

Both our Executive Search and Project Resources services provide a seamless bridge – where Katalyst Group delves deep into understanding motivations and objectives between individual and organization, setting the tone for effective communication and leading to sound decision making and successful outcomes.

Whether your organization is in need of full-time direct hire recruiting or consultant/interim project expertise, Katalyst Group is here to find the right resources to grow and help manage staffing changes.

About Katalyst Group


Exploring the world through travel, culture, nature, and giving back to the community in which we live, and work is at the very core of forming Katalyst Group. Its founder Kevin Kaye believes there’s more than one pathway to get to where you want to be – a philosophy and lifestyle he has adopted throughout his personal and professional life. Beginning his career in Chicago and Portland, Kevin realized early on, that developing and investing in relationships is at the forefront to achieve goals, problem solve and foster innovation.

Having started his career in accounting, Kevin coupled his technical expertise with his passion for relationship building and joined an international executive search and project placement firm, playing an integral role in supporting organizations in Chicago, Portland, and Vancouver. Eight years into his recruiting profession, Kevin joined his former accounting colleagues and grew a business consulting firm from a team of six to a team of 40, delivering risk and controls, business technology integration, and process improvement solutions to organizations.

Following the build of the professional services practice, Kevin spent three years independently traveling throughout Europe, Central America, and North Africa, reinforcing his inner connection to a global world, a passion for engaging with humanity, and tapping into individual talents and strengths to be applied towards professional growth. Upon his return to the states in 2010, Kevin co-founded a Chicago-based recruiting and staffing firm, which he successfully exited in 2018, and founded Katalyst Group in 2019. Since its formation, Katalyst Group has been successful in executing on its mission to attract executive recruiting professionals possessing transferable interpersonal soft skills and technical business acumen, sharing a dedication to helping organizations build high-performance teams and guiding individuals towards career-shaping opportunities.

Katalyst Group is actively involved sponsoring and supporting several mission-driven and professional organizations, including Orion3, Start Early, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, and Ladies of Virtue.


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