Katalyst Group


Shared values, strong vision, and proven determination, bring organization, individual and Katalyst Group together for a truly rewarding journey.

We are selective in both the organizations we choose to serve and individuals we represent. Together, as a team, we deliver in-demand talent and connect individuals with career-shaping opportunities.


As a trusted advisor, Katalyst Group supports international organizations and individuals across the globe to be their very best at what they do. Through real relationship building and developing a clear understanding of needs and goals, Katalyst Group identifies accounting, finance, and project management professionals that organizations need in order to build and sustain high-performance teams, whether on a full-time or project engagement basis. Partnering with Katalyst Group means we serve as your guide throughout the lifecycle of the engagement, bringing well-prepared, matched and qualified individuals into organizations – all ready to make a contribution.


Serving as a seamless bridge, Katalyst Group delves deep into understanding your organization’s work culture – why you hire who you do and the very human capital skills that add to the value of your organization. When you partner with Katalyst Group, we are right there alongside you – leadership and management share ideas, objectives, needs and work culture while actively engaging in a process of understanding your goals, dreams and pain points. Together, we’ll get to know one another well, and will thoroughly interview and recommend only the best and fitting talent, ultimately adding in-demand resources to your organization.


Katalyst Group Own Your Own Path

For job seekers, our role is more than filling vacancies – we are your agent, guiding and preparing professionals to land career-shaping opportunities in a direct-hire or project capacity.


Katalyst Group Build High-Performance Teams

Katalyst Group invests up-front in real relationship building, so your organization can be well-equipped and operate with high-performance teams.


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