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Your organization’s success is our priority. Our business is founded on alleviating your internal resources of the executive search process so you can do what you do best – serving your customers and meeting your business goals.

Partnering together, Katalyst Group serves as an extension of your team. We represent your corporate brand by managing the recruiting process from identification, attraction, evaluation, and offer negotiation and acceptance. Ongoing seamless communication ensures both your organization’s hiring team and candidate experience is managed throughout the process so that time is managed efficiently and goals are met.

Katalyst Group Project Resources


Consulting & Interim

In addition to executive recruiting and executive search for full-time roles, we also find contract work for consulting professionals who are looking for immediate project engagements, while simultaneously helping organizations quickly and effectively solve immediate staffing needs.

We delve into our curated pool of skilled talent who are ready to be deployed on project engagements, whether the individual intentionally chooses this path for the flexibility of their availability, the diversity of project engagements or welcomes contract work to gain new experience to add to their credentials.

With our project resources services, organizations can have peace of mind to successfully continue along the path of accomplishing their goals.

Interested in interim engagements. Check out our Project Resources.


Exceeding expectations is made possible by presenting and ultimately delivering prepared, skilled and motivated individuals. Getting to know the individuals we represent takes priority at Katalyst Group. We take the time to treat everyone we represent as a whole person, not a number. We are modern in our thinking, but old-fashioned when it comes to investing in real-time, live conversations. We hear you and listen, through active dialogue, to your interests, goals and needs – both professional and personal – so that the right opportunity can be explored together.

“Katalyst helped to streamline my thoughts and aid in my journey to define what I sought in a future career. As an accountant, I prefer to have a plan and I valued Katalyst’s willingness to understand my interests and guide me to relevant new career opportunities.”

Julia, Senior Financial Analyst


Job seekers can rest assured that potential roles presented are a promising match – at Katalyst Group we want to make good use of your time and energy. Throughout the placement journey, we deliver roles that are appropriate while all being aligned on what is the right match.

“I trusted Katalyst’s assessment of the client’s needs and appreciating that I was in a place in my career where I wanted to learn something new.”

Mayur, Strategic Change Procurement Leader


Katalyst Group’s in-depth knowledge of the organizations we serve, both organizationally and culturally, is shared directly with interviewees. Having this insight, individuals enter interviews with confidence, speaking to their experience and skills in relation to knowing an organization’s culture, needs and goals. Along the way, interview coaching and presentation skills are refined together.

“By Katalyst preparing me with relevant insights into the client’s culture and core business objectives, I was able to relate to my future team members on topics that mattered.”

Joy, Controller


The Deliver stage is the ultimate destination of the journey with Katalyst Group. Arriving here, we made a mutual commitment to getting to know each other and ensuring a positive outcome. You have been treated with respect for who you are as an individual and rewarded for your professionalism, skills and experience with an offer for a permanent position or an interim/project engagement.

“By far every candidate I have hired from Katalyst, has been superior in terms of qualities, qualifications, demeanor, everything. They hit the ground running. In a short period of time, I see them ascending into other leadership roles. They are strong players.”

Maria, Director of Accounting


Katalyst Group Own Your Career Path

For job seekers, our role is more than filling vacancies – we are your agent, guiding and preparing professionals to land career-shaping opportunities in a direct-hire or project capacity.


Katalyst Group Build Teams

Katalyst Group invests up-front in real relationship building, so your organization can be well-equipped and operate with high-performance teams.


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