Katalyst Group


Katalyst Group (Katalyst) embraces the imperative of respecting the scarcity and fragility of the Earth’s natural resources and environment and as such pledges to minimize its environmental global footprint occurring throughout the professional services we provide. More specifically, Katalyst considers its day-to-day activities and has incorporated the following business practices to do our part in protecting our natural resources and global environment:

  • Katalyst promotes the use of video conferencing technologies to facilitate meetings and actively encourages staff members to minimize travel powered by fossil fuels for business related functions.
  • Katalyst does not require individuals to attend onsite interviews when being evaluated for positions within our organization or for positions with the organizations for which we are recruiting.
  • Katalyst promotes a paperless office and leverages several platforms for electronic document execution and data storage and management.
  • Katalyst actively reviews the sustainability business practices and products/services that potential customers produce and factors their environmental impact and sustainability policies into decisions to or not to engage in providing services to potential customers.
  • Katalyst does not accept payment via Bitcoin due to concerns over the consumption of energy from fossil fuel used to mine this popular cryptocurrency.
  • Katalyst sponsors an annual day of service, including Katalyst employees and the employees of the organizations it provides services, to promote sustainability and giving back to the community in which we live and work.
  • Katalyst sponsors an annual bike riding event held in Chicago to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce our fossil fuel footprint.


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