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Katalyst Group Catie Burke
With more than six years’ experience leading business development and corporate communications activities in the hospitality and travel management industries, Catie joins Katalyst as Manager of Business Development. Before joining Katalyst Group, Catie was an Account Executive with a corporate business travel management firm and was recognized for her ability to attract new customers by creating solutions to meet their unique organizational requirements. Catie is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management.
Catie’s approach to business development and communications is rooted in learning about those she serves, understanding what makes their environments unique, and serving as a business partner to craft value-add solutions. “Catie’s experience with corporate executives and individual consumers is an exciting addition to the team where she will be applying her talents working with and advocating on behalf of the Katalyst community,” said Kevin Kaye, Principal, Katalyst Group.
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