The Consultant’s Objectives and Goals

With an in-depth operations background and project management expertise across industries including telecom, transportation, healthcare, automated retail, printing and publishing, CPG, and IT, consultant Jay was looking to pivot into healthcare in a role laden in technology. Jay’s expertise in Project and Program Management, complimented by a track record of delivering successful projects, allowed him to earn his place in the competition to be selective about the role he takes. Of particular interest to Jay has been finding the right fit aligned with the right culture as top priorities. Work-life balance and a culture mindful of each other’s needs professionally and personally rounded out where Jay envisioned his next opportunity.

The Client’s Challenges and Goals

The client, a major nonprofit organization located in Chicagoland, sought a project manager with a greater level of accountability than the norm. The client desired a project manager who was a flexible thinker and hands-on manager who had proven experience adapting their skills to addressing new challenges and managing a diverse team. Pulling together resources, maintaining contact with key stakeholders and vendors, and overseeing a timeline and meeting milestones were among the high-performance expectations they sought in an individual to lead this strategically critical project through completion.

Ongoing Communication Sets Jay up for Success

Katalyst provided insights into the organization, what they were looking for, as well as insight into the various personalities. Katalyst spoke with the key members who Jay would be interviewing with, which Jay found useful in tailoring the conversations.

Contributions in New Role

Reporting to the general VP, Jay is now happily integrating his healthcare industry expertise in a role heavy in technology, situated in a mission-oriented work environment where there is a culture of work-life balance, respect and being valued as an individual.

As project manager, Jay ensures key deliverables are aligned to be on-time and on-budget, communicates responsibilities to the team, holds the team accountable, raises issues, and assembles the right resources to resolve any issues. In this role as project manager, Jay performs approximately 20% coordinating and scheduling and 80% relationship building to support the team to do quality work in a timely manner.

Cross Industry Experience Sets Consultant Apart from Competition