Katalyst Group


Guiding, investing, preparing – Katalyst Group is the conduit to linking organizations and individuals towards making informed, mutually beneficial decisions.

This is how Katalyst Group makes positive change happen – Katalyst Group defines success through an all-around invested experience uncovering your organization’s business needs and nurturing individual skills and career goals.

Katalyst Group Listen


We are intentionally focused on getting to know the professionals within organizations and individuals seeking new career opportunities. In both cases, we serve as the agent, representing both parties and their goals.

Katalyst Group Define and Level Set


We want to know and welcome your challenges – finding solutions is where we thrive. It’s through ongoing communication, engaging in transparent conversations, where we reach a common understanding of goals, objectives, expectations, and ultimately solutions.

Katalyst Group Articulate


From the very start, we are clear with the services and value we can offer and prioritize your time and goals, presenting only mutually meaningful and well-matched opportunities for the organization and candidate.

Katalyst Group Care


Our services go beyond recruiting and staffing – we are all about making your day easier – from ensuring an open platform to asking questions, to assisting with the negotiation process – we are here every step of the way.

Slide “By Katalyst preparing me with relevant insights into the client’s culture and core business objectives, I was able to relate to my future team members on topics that mattered.” Amanda, Internal Audit Manager Slide “Katalyst doesn’t just focus on one-to-one skills matching, but rather on what a consultant can do for the client, which sets Katalyst apart from other staffing agencies.” ​Mayur, VP Corporate Development Slide “Katalyst helped to streamline my thoughts and aid in my journey to define what I sought in a future career. As an accountant, I prefer to have a plan and I valued Katalyst’s willingness to understand my interests and guide me to relevant new career opportunities.” Julia, Senior Financial Analyst Slide “As a trusted advisor to both organizations and individuals, this is the moment where all parties involved have worked hard and collaboratively towards achieving success.” Kevin Kaye, Principal of Katalyst Group Slide “I feel incredibly fortunate to be with an organization that allows me to use my diverse skillset to succeed in multiple areas.” ​Helen, Senior Finance Manager Slide “I highly recommend Katalyst Group to anyone looking for a recruiter that will provide the best experience, bring a personal approach to being represented, and help improve interview skills.” Lunice, Controller Slide “Within days of engaging with Katalyst, I had 3 extremely solid resumes to review and was able to conduct interviews and make an offer over the following week.” ​Ethan, AVP & Director of Finance Slide “The Katalyst Group Executive Recruiter representing me is great and I really appreciate how she is thoughtful with the opportunities she shares with me. It is apparent she considers what roles / circumstances I would seriously consider based on my experience and criteria I’ve told her interest me.” ​Colleen, Controller


Katalyst Group Own Your Career Path

For job seekers, our role is more than filling vacancies – we are your agent, guiding and preparing professionals to land career-shaping opportunities in a direct-hire or project capacity.


Katalyst Group Build Teams

Katalyst Group invests up-front in real relationship building, so your organization can be well-equipped and operate with high-performance teams.


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