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Erin Jewell
Katalyst is pleased to welcome Erin Jewell, an Executive Recruiter and Business Development Manager. Erin is passionate about recruiting and building lasting relationships with candidates and colleagues.
During an interview, Erin (EJ) shares more about her background and new role with Katalyst Group (KG).
KG: What role do you play in your current position as an executive recruiter?
EJ: The role of Executive Recruiter is multi-faceted because you must be fair to all parties involved. You are part negotiator, part consultant, part client service rep, part listener. This is a role that is about the individual, not me. I aim to be well-rounded in all aspects and have a bit of fun along the way too.
KG: What excites you in the work you do?
EJ: We all know that feeling when we match an individual with a role, and then get excited about it. We also know how challenging it can be to kick off a search at either end. I have built solid relationships with individuals/candidates and hiring managers/leaders throughout my time as a recruiter, and it is truly rewarding to be involved in the process from the beginning and see it through to the end. One of my favorite steps in the recruitment process is making the verbal offer – you get to hear the excitement from the candidate as they envision themselves in the role. It is a celebration!
KG: What led you to this job?
EJ: I started my recruiting journey in 2011 but as part of an HR role for a nonprofit startup and I quickly realized I gravitated toward the recruiting function for the organization due to the personal nature of the role. Continuing in the nonprofit space, I found a role focused solely on talent acquisition where I was able to grow the team and processes. My dad was a financial advisor for his whole career, and I transitioned to a role where I could feature my skillset for the financial services industry. Mid-pandemic, I took an internal recruiting role in the environmental services industry and realized I missed the world of finance and here I am!
KG: What attracted you to work for Katalyst Group?
EJ: I have been an internal recruiter for all my professional career and have worked with Katalyst Group for several years. I have been contemplating this shift to Executive Recruiter for some time and given that I know and trust the team in place already, this opportunity came at the perfect time. There’s growth now and on the horizon and it is a challenge and reward to be a part of that development and adventure.
KG: Where did you grow up and where did you go to college?
EJ: I am originally from rural Michigan and went to a small state school, Saginaw Valley State University, and earned a degree in Marketing.
KG: Did you have any key mentors or people who inspired you in becoming the person you are today, both in work and life?
EJ: A colleague and former mentor, turned close family friend, showed me how to manage through growing pains of my professional career. To this day, I sometimes take a step back and think, how would she handle this or advise I navigate through this? I learned a lot about this crazy ride called life from her. Thanks Beth!
KG: Did you have any life-shaping experiences that put you on the path that led you to what you’re doing today?
EJ: Mostly, moving out of rural Michigan to Chicago and discovering what else was out there. Sometimes you must take calculated risks to reap the benefits. My father’s passing was also a hard experience, and I feel I can honor his memory by following in his career footsteps in my own way.
KG: What is a particularly memorable event in your life?
EJ: It’s not related to anything professional but while in California, I made it on to a Bravo reality show and had my 30 seconds of fame.
KG: What show(s) are you currently watching or what book(s) are you currently reading?
EJ: I just started the Staircase but I’m also catching up on The Flight Attendant. A funny and local show called South Side gets me laughing. I also listen to a lot of true crime podcasts, with Redhanded being a favorite. I’m midway through a book called Midnight Library which is fiction and a rare genre choice. I might have to find an autobiography or other nonfiction as that’s my go-to.
KG: What’s your favorite vacation spot or place you dream of retiring to?
EJ: Sandy beaches and sunshine are calling my name for retirement and most vacations. I’m rarely picky if those two components are present. I also visit the west coast often to visit friends and family.


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