Katalyst Group

On Thursday, September 10, Katalyst Group held a day of service to give back to the community by volunteering at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. This event was followed by an exciting afternoon of cycling and a tree top adventure!

While packing boxes, principle Kevin Kaye was reminded that the work of the Greater Chicago Food Depository touched his life not too long ago:

“As I was forming Katalyst Group I was without a paycheck for more than a year. It proved challenging keeping up with the monthly mortgage and legal expenses as I was exiting one business and starting another. While my wife was attending classes at the local college, she was informed that we had access to a local food pantry. I found myself wanting to tell her that it was not necessary, my pride attempting to trump the importance of making ends meet and putting food on the table. However, we were fortunate to have access to the food pantry to stock items we needed to meet our dietary needs. I am grateful to those individuals and organizations that provided those food items as well as those that volunteer their time to run food pantries across the city and state. I am also grateful that we have the ability to pull the Katalyst community together to do just that for the many families and individuals that need this support now and in the future. We may find ourselves on the top of the mountain and we may find ourselves in the valleys at different times throughout life—it is not until we need the help that we truly understand how important it is.

Thank you to everyone that was able to participate in the Katalyst Day of Service 2020. I know that each of you made a sacrifice to join us and I cannot thank you enough for volunteering at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.”

We are a small team, but our impact is far reaching. We touched the lives of many families and individuals through the time we spent preparing and packing boxes and meals at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.


During the repack, the Katalyst Community helped prepare:

Thank you for your support and commitment to doing good in our community!

Big thanks also go to Starship Restaurant for putting together a tasty picnic before we took to the trees through the Go Ape Treetop Adventure and cycled along the Salt Creek Trail to Brookfield Zoo.


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