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When Katalyst Group first met Beth, a financial leader who truly cares about the success of her team, an interview was in the works of being scheduled for a role in which Katalyst Group was leading the search. As the world is dynamic — Beth who has a CPA license combined with over 25 years of experience in financial management and team development — identifying and placing individuals with in-demand skills isn’t always so linear.

Though Beth landed at another organization, the positive relationship between Katalyst Group and Beth endured. Monthly meetings ensued sharing ideas and perspectives, which soon after evolved into a true partnership.

Taking on a new role as Director of Accounting at a global Life Sciences company, Beth knew the finance team could count on Katalyst Group to serve as a guide and lead the search to grow and enhance the accounting team and provide needed interim project professionals.

Coming into her role as Director of Accounting with change management experience, Beth knew cultural fit would be a top priority for each new team member being identified, interviewed, and placed. As one who recognizes the significant impact change can have on an organization’s staff, Katalyst Group was trusted to fill the roles with individuals with both technical skills and soft skills and who would be on-board towards a path to progression.

“We were in a time of intense change management and the team had experienced turnover. Katalyst Group served as a partner who sees each candidate and potential new team member as a whole person.”

Particularly when teams have endured stress and change, Katalyst Group makes it a requirement to identify individuals who know what it is like to have endured change and who are intent on making improvements within their own role and for the organization.

Fast forward eight months, and the partnership between Katalyst Group and Beth continues — with their monthly calls and both full time and interim project professional vacancies in place with the technical talent and the cultural fit to be open and intent on enhancing the organization’s ability to form and cultivate its high-performance team.



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