Katalyst Group is excited to announce the completion of a vital business intelligence and data visualization initiative in support of a global manufacturer based in Chicago.

The multibillion-dollar manufacturing company was in the process of migrating from an on-premises business planning and consolidation system to a robust cloud-based solution and evaluating paths to enhance its suite of reports and benefit from an investment in business intelligence tools. Recognizing that their internal team lacked capacity and expertise with specific business intelligence and data visualization tools, the VP of Finance and Accounting and Director of Business Intelligence engaged Katalyst Group to lead a series of critical path workstreams.

Katalyst Group was responsible for:

  • Developing an inventory of reports the organization was producing
  • Working with key stakeholders to evaluate what information was being consumed and the timing of report delivery
  • Facilitating communication with Finance, Accounting, and Operations General Management team leaders to define and design a suite of financial and operational reports generated from the new business planning and consolidation system
  • Design and development of dashboards and data visualization tools within Power BI

The executive project sponsor, VP of Finance and Accounting, commented:

“We recognized that our internal team was working at capacity on numerous internal initiatives and we were lacking expertise with specific reporting, business intelligence, and data visualization tools. Katalyst Group has been a partner to us in multiple business initiatives. They were able to quickly understand drivers within the business and deliver the data visualization and reporting know-how to create valuable dashboards and a suite of new financial and operational reports.”