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It’s common for candidates to come to us, or we to discover with candidates, a genuine incentive to seek exciting work environments. How that looks varies from candidate to candidate, but what we have noticed to be a consistent theme is the opportunity for a new and refreshing change. When Katalyst Group first started a dialogue with 12-year accounting professional Garrett, we knew right away the type of excitement he was seeking.

Already working in a fast-paced, high-stakes industry, Garrett wanted to take his leadership and finance skills to the next level – private equity.

“The biggest draw for me was a role that had plenty of runway that I could take off,”.


Coming from a large corporate, siloed environment, Garrett’s goal was to pivot towards a high growth, smaller private equity company. Katalyst Group found that perfect match for Garrett as a Senior Controller. “It’s really exciting because I get to oversee all of these functions and departments that previously were held by someone else in a publicly traded company,” remarked Garrett. Working at a smaller, high-growth oriented, private equity company, is giving Garrett that next level of advancement in his career.

Garrett’s background in large publicly traded companies in various roles ranging from auditor to varying levels of controllership, is an asset in his new role as Senior Controller. “I’m able to bring my experience to the team in terms of what our goals and expectations should be to drive us in the best direction,” said Garrett. 

As Senior Controller, Garrett is taking a leading role in effectively and efficiently navigating the private equity company’s functions and operations towards their long-term growth and expansion goals.


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