Katalyst Group is playing a significant role in the expansion of a critical business initiative for a Chicago based healthcare association focused on improving the health of individuals nationwide.

The multi-faceted healthcare association recently completed the acquisition of a technology solution provider. This was a strategic investment designed to enhance the association’s service offerings—specifically to provide health care organizations and physician groups insights into preventative care and populations with underlying health conditions. Once the acquisition was completed, the association recognized the need to involve Program and Project Management expertise to lead the workstreams associated with integrating the new data analytics and insight solutions, successfully bring it to market and achieve their goal to prevent chronic disease.

Katalyst Group’s involvement includes the development of a program roadmap and project management oversight of multiple inter-related workstreams including:

  • Program evaluation and enhancement
  • Data visualization, product development and testing
  • Marketing and sales plan development and execution
  • Solution implementation, delivery and management

The executive project sponsor and EVP of Strategy commented:

“Katalyst Group has been instrumental in delivering the program and project management expertise we needed to bring structure, ownership and accountability to our initiative for the association and the HCO’s that will benefit from our new service offering. They have tailored their approach to meet the needs of our unique organization, and have been effective at managing a program requiring input and collaboration from stakeholders across the nation.”