Katalyst Group Matches Growth-Minded Candidate at Private Equity Firm

It’s common for candidates to come to us, or we to discover with candidates, a genuine incentive to seek exciting work environments. How that looks varies from candidate to candidate, but what we have noticed to be a consistent theme is the opportunity for a new and refreshing change. When Katalyst Group first started a […]

Remote Workforce

Remote work

Seeing more people walking around downtown Chicago, an increase in traffic, and lines at your favorite lunch spots may be all indicators of returning to the office but thinking about the number of virtual meetings over a given week, it’s safe to say that the remote workforce is still going strong. While employers may be […]

Recruiting Challenges, Company Change

Accountant's Career Priorities Build Teams

Looking to hire new members within your team, yet your company is going through changes that may indicate uncertainty about the long-term future? Continue reading here to learn more about how changes affect both personnel within and outside the organization. Across the board, organizations are shoring up operations as they are preparing for a decline […]

The Making of a Sustainable High-Performance Team

Katalyst Group The Making of a Sustainable

High-performance teams, we all want them, but how do we build and sustain them? Sure, the basics are well-known – working towards a common goal, sharing a vision, collaboration, open communication, and clear role expectations – but what really goes into a dynamic, cohesive team that excels month after month, year after year? Invest in […]

Accountant’s Career Priorities Align Amidst Competitive Job Market

Accountant’s Career Priorities

The Candidate’s Objectives and Goals When experienced accountant and consolidation reporting expert Julia started looking for a new opportunity during an exceptionally competitive job market in the summer of 2020, she started to get discouraged – until she called upon Katalyst Group. An accountant by education and background, Julia prefers to have a plan. Upon […]